The Masterminds behind the School Projects


Something caught my attention while I was on a popular buy / sell website which made me ponder about where the society is headed. An advertisement which said that they are selling custom made school projects from elementary level to secondary level. Why would anyone be desperate enough to buy such things was only one of the many questions that crops up in the mind?

The current education system has become so competitive that even from the early years, the parents want their child to be a topper in everything he does. The schools are also making sure that they give this challenge to the parents to make them get a sense of achievement about their child’s capabilities. Also the educational institutes consider that their reputation is at stake if they don’t show good results in the board exams. Hence they keep making their school projects and assignments tougher and more complicated which is supposed to train the students in attaining good scores in the exams. In the bargain, an average child feels incapable of doing them without any expert guidance.

This is where many enterprising parties enter the picture with the promise that they have skilled people to do such extremely difficult projects to help the child get a distinguished grade for a sizeable amount. Parents who are busy in their own world, don’t think twice before getting into such an arrangement as they feel the mounting pressure to maintain the grades in order to pursue the higher education in a particular subject of demand. In some cases, parents who are very involved in their child’s studies feel that the end product will be of superior quality if they do the projects themselves compared to their child’s not so perfect work. Both these models may fetch good grades initially, but fails miserably with zero net result since the child does not learn how to apply the theory concepts practically on his own.

Activity based learning is definitely the emerging trend in the school curriculum. If done properly, the projects and assignments should increase the practical knowledge of the child, bring out the creativity and help him understand things better. It is very unfortunate that such shortcut methods are even being considered by parents defeating the whole purpose of learning. To eradicate such unethical practices, it is more beneficial if the projects are done at school as a group activity by the students under the guidance of their teacher instead of doing them as an individual project. It should be an equal responsibility of both the parents and teachers to make sure that the learning happens in an appropriate manner by encouraging the child to show their originality without influencing it in anyway.

Don’t prepare your child for the rat race, instead educate them in such a way that they are able to stand out in the crowd as a LION!!

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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