Letter from a Wife


Dearmost Hubby Darling,

Happy Wedding Anniversary!! Today marks the date when I would have spent half of my lifetime with you. Thank you for letting me learn many of valuable life lessons along with you. It has been one tremendous journey where the quality of our lives grew in a remarkable way making it more enjoyable and memorable.

With the addition of the kids and increasing life’s challenges, we are not able to keep up the same pleasant attitude at home always. Now is when I would like us to remain united and work as a team in achieving our common goals towards a happy, peaceful coexistence.

On a lighter note, even the driving licence needs to be renewed every 20 years after clearing the road test as the rules would have definitely changed to suit the existing roads conditions and the demanding traffic. Similarly, we can say that our marriage licence is due for renewal as we step into our 20th year. Let us learn the new rules of the game to conquer the different levels of expected challenges, renew our vows and ace the life test to continue our blissful journey into eternity as two bodies and one soul!!!

With lots of love,
Your Wifey Dearest

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