Confessions of a Momster


  • I have used “Kids wanted to eat pizza” as a great excuse on the days when I am feeling lazy to cook.
  • I secretly eat chocolates after lecturing my child about cavities.
  • I tell people that my naughty children are the reason why my house is cluttered and messy.
  • I take long naps in the afternoon along with my baby saying that as the hardest working person at home, I deserve it.
  • I scold my child for not getting good marks saying that I was always the class topper.
  • I project myself as an epitome of all the good virtues who was always honest, obedient and punctual as a child.
  • The new trendy jewellery that I bought recently is made to believe as a part of the wedding trousseau for my daughter who is two years now.
  • I have a favourite child and take his side even when he is guilty.
  • I have fizzled out of invites that I wanted to avoid at the last minute saying that my child is sick.
  • I praise the performance of my neighbor’s child while making a mental vow to train my child to be better than him/her.
  • I wish that my child’s party dress which I spent hours selecting should be better than everybody else’s.

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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