When a Dude becomes a Dad..


A Soon-to-be dad also undergoes various physical and emotional changes while his partner is pregnant with their baby. Let us have a brief look as to what can be expected in those life changing moments.

1. Your partner tells you that she has missed her monthly period. You feel dizzy and light headed immediately knowing that you are going to be a father.

2. Your partner is not able to sleep at night as her body is preparing her for the impending sleepless nights which leaves you also awake. How can you sleep when someone is turning and tossing next to you?

3. Your partner is having weird food cravings for potato chips, ice cream etc at odd hours very regularly as the growing baby demands it. You might also feel the irresistible urge to eat these high calorie snacks along with your partner. In reality though, it will help if you just brought the snacks and not give her company in finishing them.

4. Both of you are glowing and looking well rounded as you are nearing the end of the third trimester. You will probably be holding onto the phone always and feeling extremely stressed waiting for that crucial call from your partner to rush to the delivery room.

5. You are at the labor room with your partner where your heart is pacing like never before as she is screaming her guts out making you feel guilty for putting her through this. When all of a sudden, you hear the meek little cry of a baby. You catch a look at your partner who smiles at you even in such excruciating pain which is when you actually realize how rewarding and worthwhile the whole experience has been for the both of you.

Parenthood is a fun roller coaster ride with its ups, downs, twists and turns which everyone should definitely try while they are visiting this adventurous amusement park called “Life”.

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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