Mirror Mirror on the Wall

As I was getting ready in the morning, I caught the reflection of myself in the mirror. Who is this person staring at me? That is definitely not me. I see a complete stranger with a mixed cocktail image of my mom, aunt and grand mom. What has happened to the original me?

Over the years, my physical body has undergone a slow and steady change in the appearance, mannerisms and behaviour in a very obvious manner which I deliberately chose to ignore till now. Is this what is called aging? There are many signs that tells us that we are not at the prime of youth anymore.

1. You don’t recognise yourself in the mirror and in the photos.
2. You – who used to wear Small or Medium size dresses is now wearing Large or Extra Large dresses.
3. Forget about the stylish heels and stilettos, you need some flat shoes with extra soft insoles.
4. Bye bye jeans!! It is all about relax fit trousers or yoga pants.
5. The neighbourhood college going boy / girl calls you “Aunty”.
6. The sales girl at the supermarket tries to sell the Anti-aging cream to you.
7. Your physician advices you to take calcium and multi vitamin supplements.
8. Your daughter is singing some hip hop song which you find annoying.
9. Gone are the days when you could go to bed even after drinking tea before bed time. Now drinking a tea / coffee after 5 in the evening, means tossing and turning at night without sleep.
10. The person who could eat whatever/wherever – is having problems if any slightly oily food is taken.
11. You feel that afternoon naps are no longer a luxury, it is a necessity to get you thru the day.
12. The avid reader that you are, is not able to enjoy reading books as before because you have to constantly keep adjusting your glasses near and far for clarity of vision.
13. Your hair is either greying, balding or both.
14. Whenever you take the stairs, the huffing and puffing makes you feel like you are climbing Mt.Everest.
15. You prefer to take car or taxi, instead of public transportation for the fear of not finding a place to sit.
16. You are not able to bend down to clip your toe nails.
17. Whatever health issues are being discussed, you will know someone who has faced the exact same problem and can provide references to the best doctors for treatment.
18. Your vacations are now meant only for relaxing, not exploring.
19. Your favourite movie star has already become 50 years old.
20. You are only discussing retirement plans and health insurance with your investment planners with genuine queries like whether liposuction will be covered under the specific health insurance plan or not.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall..Please tell me that I am not Old after all!!

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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