My Virtual Blessings Basket


The concept of “Thanksgiving Day” – a day to express our gratitude for the many things that we normally consider given has always fascinated me. We often forget that even the little factors which we take for granted easily are miracles that someone else is praying for. Our everyday struggle makes us forget how tremendously lucky and blessed we have been in our entire life. Counting our blessings and practicing gratitude will help us to lead a contented life filling our days with immense happiness and fresh hope.

This is one such attempt to make a “Virtual Blessings Basket” remembering the numerous elements that fills my heart with gratitude.
1. The availability of good, hygienic and healthy food.

2. A healthy and active body to complete my tasks with gusto.

3. The ability to constantly improve the quality of my life everyday.

4. A clean and beautifully adorned house to live in and be proud of.

5. The freedom to make decisions in running the house efficiently.

6. The affordability to employ people for doing household chores which in turn helps them to earn their livelihood.

7. Living with a partner who accepts me with all my flaws and allows me to be “me”.

8. A rational and practical mind that stops me from making hasty decisions when things are not going good.

9. The creative spark that ignited / awakened the potential writer inside me.

10. The opportunity to learn and complete some beautiful paintings and other art works.

11. The ability to drive around in a car in the worst city traffic conditions which boosts my confidence considerably.

12. The time I spent abroad which helped me get the much needed exposure of the outside world.

13. The chance of being a mother to my daughter which has brought a totally different perspective to my otherwise mundane life.

14. The birth of my child which was nothing less than a miracle – not an exaggeration.

15. The difficult people in my life who have helped me see that I don’t need them and I am capable of doing things on my own in a much better way.

16. The failures that helped me learn many valuable lessons in life.

17. The people who made me feel inferior in the early years – without whom I wouldn’t have grown as a self assured woman today.

18. The health problems that taught me that external appearance will not dull the internal energy, intelligence and charm.

19. The fact that I am a woman of substance and not just a gossip monger.

20. My never ending hope for a better tomorrow.

The idea is to add more blessings to this list and review it regularly. When I consciously started looking for some simple things to be thankful for, God started showering me with greater rewards making me eternally grateful. That I learnt is the Law of attraction. Hence, instead of waiting for one special day to express our thankfulness, let us practice gratitude and start filling our blessings basket everyday.

“Be Grateful for small things, big things and everything in between.”

Happy Thanksgiving and May your Blessings Basket be always overflowing!!

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2 responses to “My Virtual Blessings Basket

  1. Its a blessing to have your children’s school nearby your house especially during bad weather.Reading this has forced me to look at all the little drops of blessing we have been showered.

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