I Dream of Sleeping


Lately I have been fantasising a lot about sleeping through the night undisturbed without being used as a football by my little one which made me wonder about what others might be dreaming about.

I read that Dream Catchers are intended to protect people who are sleeping from negative, bad dreams while still letting the positive, good dreams come through. If the Dream catchers could talk, they would say that the most people have some common dreams at different stages of their life.

A Baby – The warm touches and sweet cuddles of mommy.

A Little Girl – Flying with fairies in a far away magical land.

A Teenage Girl – Walking hand in hand with the secret school crush.

A Young Woman – Getting married to Prince Charming and living happily ever after.

A New Bride – Never ending Romantic holiday with the husband in an exotic island.

A Would be Mom – Being the mother of the sweetest and most adorable baby in the universe.

A New Mom – Uninterrupted Sleep at nights.

A Typical Mom – That the alarm never goes off in the morning.

In fact, I never stop dreaming. Right now, I only “Dream of Sleeping” and I consider myself fully qualified to be a professional dreamer.

However, if your recurring dreams are not listed above, then congratulate yourself that you are very unique and do share your special dream with the other common people like us.

May your nights bring good restful sleep and colourful dreams to you!! Good night and Sweet dreams!!

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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