Using BabyTalk to keep the family younger


Do you still use baby talk in your household even though your children are already reaching their teen years? Well, I am still guilty of doing this. We have become so accustomed to baby talk, that we have simply forgotten how we used to communicate with each other before the kids were born.

1. Mummy / Daddy – Whatever happened to Darling / Sweetie etc? Why are we – the spouses calling each other as Mummy / Daddy?

2. Peepee / Poopoo – These words are supposed to make us feel less uncomfortable when our toddler announces his need to use the restroom in front of a big crowd. But, I noticed that I am also saying “I have to go Peepee” to my husband.

3. Booboo – “Awwww.. My poor thing! You have got a Booboo”. Any kind of cut or wound is still referred commonly as Booboo by everybody at home.

4. Dhudhoo – “First finish your Dhudhoo and then go out to play” is something I tell my children everyday.

5. MamMam – Food is always “MamMam”.

6. Animals – We always use words like Horsie, Doggie, Kitty, Fishy, Froggy etc for almost all the common animals.

7. Choo choo Train – “Today I had to wait for 10 minutes at the railway gate for the choo choo train to cross”. Sounds weird to even type the above statement, but yes, that is how I mentioned it to my husband.

8. Night night, Blankie – Good night has become “night night” under a cozy comfy “Blankie”.

9. See you bye bye / Tata – My toddler who likes to go out always says “I want to go See you bye bye” and we follow the suit.

10. Chi chi – “Don’t touch that.. It’s Chi chi”. Anything yucky or disgusting is “Chi chi” for us.

Of course, there are more regional words in our mother tongue that we use regularly like Thootham (water), Pappu(pulses), Ummachi(God) etc. Why do we continue this baby talk at home? It could be because the children never grow up in the eyes of their parents. Also, I am of the opinion that the love, bonding and the closeness shared within the family increases when we use baby talk at home. This way we are able to distinguish between the communications at home and elsewhere.

A Family which “Baby talks” together, stays together!!

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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