10 Things I gained as a Mom


1. The Unmistaken Paunch which makes me look pregnant again.
2. Stretch marks and wrinkles that don’t fade away.
3. The Extra pounds that I am not able to shake off.
4. Immediate Promotion from “Didi” to “Aunty” to the neighbourhood kids.
5. Ability to do just about anything with one hand, while carrying the baby on the other hand.
6. A Heightened sense of smell that tells me when my baby is about to / already pooped.
7. The magical feeling of living in a “Fantasy Land” among toys.
8. The 24/7 On Call job as a care taker, cook, nurse, driver etc.
9. The Sympathy of the neighbours during my children’s tantrums.
10. “Google” as the Primary Doctor before consulting the Paediatrician.

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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