Bitten by the Lazy Bug


The “Take it Easy” attitude is making everybody “Lazy” all over the world. Bitten by the Lazy Bug, more and more people are falling prey to this viral disease called “Laziness” which is spreading like an epidemic. Laziness can be defined as doing nothing by choice despite having the ability to do it.

All of us, at some point or the other have taken short cuts or procrastinated doing certain tasks because of sheer laziness. It can affect men, women and children equally with varying levels of intensity from moderate to severe. Listed below are some common examples of things from our day-to-day life which people have admitted doing.

Lazy habits of Men

– Call the electrician, even if it is for changing a bulb
– Why wash? Jeans are supposed to be dirty
– Too cold to have a bath.. Just spray some cologne
– Who likes to shave everyday? Grow a beard
– Eating, drinking, reading newspaper, making calls, watching TV, napping etc without moving from the couch
– Pretending to send an urgent email, when the wife calls for help in the kitchen

Lazy habits of Women

– Hiring a cook to avoid spending time in the kitchen
– Order groceries online to avoid going to the shop
– Buying pre-cut vegetables to avoid peeling and chopping
– Buying frozen rotis and ready made gravies
– Order food / pizza / burger to be delivered home
– Using disposable cups and plates to avoid washing dishes on the days when the maid is not available

Lazy habits of Children

– “Not now”, “I am tired”, “Later” – All these are in response to mom’s request to do their homework
– No matter how many days of holidays they get, they will remember about a project only on the night before the school reopens
– Nobody can play football like Sam, in the video games that is. Who wants to take the risk of breaking a sweat in an actual football field?
– Why read a classic book, when they can watch it as a movie?
– What is the need for a pen? They use laptops and iPads in school

Even temples are not far behind. They offer eBlessings and Prasad to devotees who are not able to / not wanting to go personally if an online payment is made. This indeed, is the sad reality of the current situation.

In my humble opinion, the urban lifestyle, technology, abundant income and affordability are the main culprits for turning people lazy. We have appliances for everything, right from making our coffee to washing our clothes, that we don’t have to do any actual physical labour in our day to day life. As a result, people have become lethargic and lack the energy or the motivation to do anything exciting.

Is there a remedy for this lifestyle disease? Yes, the good news is that it is curable. Here is what the experts prescribe as medicine.

– Change your attitude.
– Exercise and stay fit.
– Eat healthy food.
– Have an energetic lifestyle

Self motivation is the only vaccination to prevent being bitten by this new age bug. Let us take a vow to eradicate “Laziness” from our society and be a good role model to our children by following an active and healthy lifestyle.

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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