Blast from the Past..


Imagine you are on a Time Machine. Where would you like to go?? Ahead of your time or go back to the past??

I have always wished to get back to the time when

1.  The houses were smaller, but filled with people, fun and laughter.

2.  Neighbours cared and shared with one another like an extended family.

3.  We were not on any kind of electronic leash 24/7.

4.  The houses were not encroached by radiations from various gizmos.

5.  The children played only with toys and board games, not in virtual cyberworld.

6.  The houses didn’t have as many cars as the number of people living in it.

7.  The family outing was very occasional but very memorable.

8.  We didn’t have to buy packaged drinking water.

9.  Our kitchen had brass, copper, iron and bronze vessels and not plastic Tupperware or teflon coated cookware.

10. The only kind of fruits and vegetables available was organic without any trace of pesticides.

And the list goes on..

Since the concept of Time Machine is not a reality. Saving the earth from further abuse should be our immediate course of action as responsible residents of this planet. Let us atleast make an effort to leave behind a greener earth for the future generation!!

“Stop the Pollution, Nurture Nature and Go Green!!”

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)




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