To each their own

* It is very cold outside. So I need it, the minute I walk inside the door
* Not immediately.. Only when I am leaving as I will be exhausted after such hard work

* I need a break in between, before I resume my work
* Make it piping hot, so that I can relish it longer

* I prefer it tepid, that way it is quick and my precious time is not wasted

* Make it sweeter – the extra calories has to keep me going thru the day
* I am trying to cut down.. give me another alternative..

Puzzled??  These are the actual demands of my various maids in the past years – when it comes to drinking “Tea”.
With age comes wisdom, doesn’t it? Now I have become wiser. So while interviewing a maid along with all the other standard questions about their experience, timings, expected salary etc, I have decided to add one more final question – “How do you like your Tea?”

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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