Cartoons – Not just for kids

“Akloo, Akloo, Mummy i found Akloo” says my toddler jumping with joy as he comes running towards me at the toy shop. People around us give puzzled expression not understanding what the little boy is saying. “Oh Really! Where is it?” I ask him calmly. “See, Right there..” says he excitedly pointing at a teddy bear with a clear paw print. That my friends, is how “Blue’s Clues” impacts a child. The little boy is telling me that he has found a “clue” just like Steve from “Blue’s Clues”.

As a child, I enjoyed many cartoon shows like Mickey Mouse, Spider man, He man, Tom and Jerry etc. Now as a grownup I am still drawn towards many of the latest cartoon shows with their realistic animation. But Blue’s clues is definitely not one of them. The way Steve talks, walks, sings, dances – every thing is extremely annoying. I was beyond surprised when my little son started enjoying this absolutely silly show. His keen eyes will find a paw print somewhere and he will be super thrilled to have found a clue. I don’t know when, but slowly I have also started singing the tunes of Blue’s clues.

Mickey Mouse clubhouse is an all time favourite among most of the children. The high pitched “Meeska mooska Mickey Mouse” will be heard atleast once everyday in our household. Another favourite of my little one is “Dora the Explorer”. His face lights up with excitement and thrill, when Swiper is lurking around. Don’t be surprised when he counts his toy cars in Spanish saying “uno, dos, tres…”. It is amazing to see how the little mind absorbs so many new concepts easily without even being aware that they are learning.

Barney – the singing / dancing purple Dinosaur along with those adorable kids make even grown ups wish that they were a child again to join them in their colourful imaginary world. There are so many such amazing educational and informational cartoons that bring the preschool learning directly to the comforts of our drawing room.

Do you know that there are more than hundred versions of Old MacDonald, Wheels on the Bus, Humpty Dumpty etc available online? We start and end our days listening to these songs. Listening to the same kids songs is annoying initially, bearable a little later and before we realise – they become our favourite songs too. That is the magic of living with children who lead us into their world with their contagious enthusiasm.

Watching cartoons selectively can be a good learning experience both for the children as well as the parents. The children learn the basic concepts, values and language, whereas the parents learn as to how to be a child again..

So.. What are you waiting for? Bring the family together for watching cartoons and take your child’s help in bringing your inner child out to see how much fun life can be..

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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