The Innocent Chit chats


Innocence is very captivating..

Extracted these interesting sweet conversations I had with my preteen daughter when she was little  – from the Archives.


Did I hear her correctly? What should I respond? I didn’t know it will happen so soon. These were only some of my thoughts rushing in my head. When she repeated the question I panicked. I tried very hard to sound cool and asked her where had she heard that. “It is there in the application form here”, she said. “Ohhhh.. that!! We have to write whether we are Male or Female”, I replied. I’ll tell you what a relief that was.

Yes. All this happened today when my 7 year old daughter innocently asked me, “Amma, What is Sex?”


K: Why are we buying an umbrella for the Ganesha?

Me  :  So that he wouldn’t get wet and sick, in case if it rains

K :  If we are so concerned, why are we putting him inside a bucket full of water the next day?

Me  :   ???????????



While looking for our car in the parking lot after a shopping trip,

Me   :   Let me see if you can tell our car’s registration number.

K :   I don’t know.

Me   :   How will you know which is our car if you see two similar black i10s parked next to each other?

K :   It is so easy mom. All we have to do is to press the unlock button in our car key and our car will open up. Why do we have to remember the registration number?

The “DUH” look that she gave me seem to make it very clear as to who the smarter one.


Me to hubby: I am feeling bored at home. May be I should go for a PhD..

K : That would be great Amma!! I love pizzas..

Me : huh??

K : yeah!! PhD is PizzaHut Delivery, right???


(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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