My Cheat Sheet


Holiday season is my favourite time of the year when I get to indulge in rich chocolates, creamy pastries and yummy cakes. That is also the time when I get in shape – “round” that is. Over the years I have gone from looking like Karishma Kapoor to Bharti Singh, because of my fondness of sweets and chocolates.

Every year I make many new year resolutions and losing weight always tops the list. With two kids at home, it is next to impossible to find time for any exercise routine. So alternately this year, I have decided to make being plump cool and also have come up with some secret techniques that might make anyone look slimmer. Remember, crook or con – you will be impressed with the outcome.

– Tell everybody that you are embracing your curves and you are in no hurry to lose your post baby weight gain, even if your baby is a teenager now.

– Make people believe that the glow on your chubby cheeks will never be achieved or replicated by any kind of expensive facial.

– Wear loose clothing which can give the impression that you may have lost some weight with the added benefit of covering your flab.

– Host frequent parties at home with rich exotic dishes, so that the friends in your social circle get fatter and you can be seen as the slim one.

– Always show your side view while posing for cameras, use children as shields in front of you and upload only long shot photos on your social networking profiles.

– Say research shows that fat people are more content and happier than their thinner counterparts.

– Start wearing high heels and platform shoes – the extra inches on the heel will bring down the extra inches on the hips.

– Going for walks in the malls will definitely make you feel lighter – errrr.. atleast your purse, thanks to all the shopping.

– Nothing boosts your ego like the magic number on your weighing machine. You can tweak it a little, so that the display shows a few kilos lesser.

Woman to woman – I have shared my secrets with you. Let me know yours. As a departing note, I would like to say that we should always make it a habit to compliment each other as to how great / slimmer we look even if we are meeting for the first time.

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