My Wish List


New year brings Hope in our otherwise mundane life. This is my wish list for a New year 2016..

1. More “Me Time” and “Screen Time” to catch up on the movies from the past 3 years.
2. The pending “Shiva Trilogy” books calling.. Start the Book reading habit again.
3. “Please dust the Treadmill and Exercycle”. Here I come, Gym.. and I am ready for some action.
4. Give a temporary break to my “temper” and try patience.
5. Close the Kitchen once a week and try new cuisines in the local restaurants.
6. Reduce the usage of plastic and Replace them with traditional vessels and containers.
7. Frequent Family vacations for the much needed relaxation and rejuvenation.
8. Reestablish and Recharge the lost social life outside of Facebook and Twitter.
9. A Good Play School Admission for our little darling who will be all of 3 in June.
10. My Blog to fetch more “likes” and enjoyed by one and all resulting in a fruitful writing career.

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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