I am Strong because I know my weaknesses


Self analysing is one of the first steps towards self improvement. While identifying my weaknesses, I realised that it is not necessary to give up or give in altogether. Just accepting our weaknesses is a strength which is considered an important factor in our personal growth. Listed below are some of my weaknesses.

1. Caffeine
I start my day with a strong cup of South Indian Filter coffee and continue to sip many more cups as the day progresses which gives me the required energy to finish the chores. Without my daily cuppa, I will be a complete Zombie.

2. Chocolates
I never say no to Chocolates. Cookies, wafers, cakes, pastries, ice creams – Chocolate in any form is my only preferenced indulgence.

3. Sale! Sale! Sale!
Why does this word pull us like a magnet to an iron bar? It does not matter, whether we need a particular item or not, when it is on sale who would go without buying? I will buy now and think of a way to use it later.

4. Procrastination
Especially when it comes to keeping up with a regular exercise routine. Tomorrow is a brand new day to do what I should have done today.

5. No Thanks
I am too proud to ask for help even when it is needed and constantly trying to prove that I can do it on my own.

6. Ill Temper
Not very proud of it, as not keeping the temper under check costs us dearly. The feelings of our closest ones get affected the most because of what we say when we are angry.

7. Perfection
Thriving to be a perfectionist makes me progress in life. Believing practice makes perfect, I drive people crazy with my obsession for perfection in everything I do.

8. Stress
Stress could easily be my middle name. This new age lifestyle disease is dictating my life to the extent that I forgot how to be cool anymore.

9. Forgive and forget
I lack the ability to forgive people who have crossed me. I find it easier to avoid them rather than forgiving them.

10. Finance
I have successfully avoided learning about Share markets and mutual funds which are like Greek and Latin to me. Bull’s market or Bear’s market – This shopaholic is not interested if there are no stores to shop.

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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