Midlife Crisis Unleashed


Age is just a number – a number which is guarded like an ATM PIN after a person reaches middle age. Midlife years are similar to the confusing teen age years, when there is a major identity crisis with the focus only on 3 things – I, Me and Myself.

Midlife is the phase in a person’s life when he is too old to be young and too young to be old. Since everybody wants to remain younger as long as possible, panic strikes when they realise that they are getting older. At this stage, they start exhibiting uncharacteristic behaviours to bring the focus back on themselves in an attempt to recapture youth.

Unleashed here are some of the classic signs of a midlife crisis

1. Obsession with physical appearance and always addressing problems like Thinning hair, Receding hairline, grey hair, wrinkles etc.

2. The scores will be very high and for once it is not something to be proud of – High BP, High cholesterol, High Sugar etc.

3. Impulsive buying of fitness equipments in the hope of converting the family pack middle to a sexy six pack abs.

4. Nothing seems to satisfy the ever changing taste buds.

5. Constantly upgrading the phones and other electronic gadgets in an attempt to look cool.

6. Always in an unpredictable mood blowing hot and cold.

7. Sudden interest in Spirituality and after life.

8. Preferring News channels and business channels to other entertainment channels.

9. Have strong likes/dislikes and an opinion about everything under the Sun.

10. Communication will always be one sided lectures.

11. When they open their mouth to say something, the others are also compelled to open their mouth – for yawning that is.

12. Showing Zen like calmness in a crucial situation when there is a need for them to say something.

13. The time they spend outside the home is more enjoyable not just for them, but for the people at home also.

14. The mind will be full of “What Ifs” and how different life would have been if they had – taken another job, shifted to another country or chosen a different partner.

15. Slightly altered body clock as they become insomniacs at night and taking power naps during the day when everyone at home is expected to maintain pin drop silence.

16. Sleep is interrupted as they wake up startled because of their own snoring.

Beware!! The mid life crisis is psychologically contagious, especially to the marital partners. It is best if the family members become mentally strong to put up with all these tantrums as the concerned is acting out because of an emotional weakness and hopefully with mutual support and understanding this phase will pass without causing much damage to the family.

“Oh Almighty!! Give me the strength and courage needed with loads of patience to maintain my sanity”

Make this your everyday Prayer and you will be definitely benefitted..

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