Love me Tender, Love me True


“I Love You”- something I should have said a long time ago to the most important and deserving person who has been a rock solid support to me since ages. I have neglected this person the most, pretending to be busy taking care of others to fit in my role perfectly as an ideal daughter, wife, mother, daughter in law etc. Sadly, that unfortunate person who didn’t get my share of love happens to be “me”.

In our society, Self Love has been seen as a selfish thing and the pressure to lead a selfless, devoted life is quite high. Shifting the focus from others and bringing the attention back to ourselves will not only help us bring positivity, but also make us happy and confident in leading a fulfilling life. However, the greatest struggle in life is to love and accept ourselves as we are – with all our imperfections. So, this Valentine’s Day I have decided to pamper myself and be my own Valentine to make up for all the lost time. I have come up with an action plan to help me achieve that unconditional self love.

1. Make a list of all the things that I am good at.
2. Appreciate and take care of my body for a healthy life.
3. Indulge in a guilt free “me time” pursuing hobbies.
4. Allow myself to make mistakes as a process of learning.
5. Not expecting others to approve my actions.
6. Not let criticism be a deterring factor in my personal growth.
7. Believe in my abilities and potential.
8. Do things that make me happy.
9. Nip any insecurities about the future.
10. Be gentle with myself during internal talks.
11. Trust the divine inspiration that comes from within.
12. Practice moments of solitude to rediscover myself.

Tender loving care is needed not only for our loved ones, but also for nourishing our deserving soul. Practicing these steps will definitely increase our self worth which in turn will bring manifolds of happiness into our lives.

The time of the year when Love is in the air, I Breathe in and I Breathe out. The magical air somehow seem to have changed my perspective. I feel ALIVE and COMPLETE that I want to yell from the rooftop “I love myself”!!

Because I am worth it!!

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)



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