Two Thumbs up for Facebook


“I Love Facebook!!”

Allow me to give the disclaimer first. This is not a promotional write up and I am not an employee of Facebook, although I wouldn’t mind if I am offered to be one. Facebook has changed the lives of millions and I am one of them. Life was very dull and boring without an active social life until I was introduced to “Facebook – My Friend, Philosopher and Guide” with the most shocking revelation that I am not an introvert after all. Yes.. FB has shattered my self bound shackles to expose a brand new me with many positive improvements and increased self worth. By providing an interesting  platform like this, the Social networking website has prepared me to face the external world that I once feared with loads of confidence.

All these years I had convinced myself that I was a loner comfortable only with a small group of people. I always used to think multiple times before saying anything for the fear of hurting people’s feelings or sentiments. In the bargain, missing the casual teasing, leg pulling and good natured humour – in short FUN from all my interactions. Thinking on my feet was something that I lacked completely, taking a while to come up with an appropriate response to a situation, by which time the moment would have passed. Facebook gave me what I needed the most – “Time”. I could work and rework in my mind to come up with a clever/witty response which was appreciated and people could see that I had a sense of humour after all.

My confidence and my friends list grew with the inclusion of classmates, school mates, friends, relatives, neighbours etc in my once small world. I could see a change in my perspective towards others when I saw the likes, comments and shares which revealed their true interests, ideas and principles. My learning began in multiple topics ranging from philosophical thoughts, inspirational quotes, spiritual titbits, love quotes, tips and tricks, latest news etc. Youngsters post stories about their favourite sports star, movies star, latest movie updates and gossips, thus keeping us updated about the current affairs without which I would have felt as old as an Egyptian Mummy.

What I liked the most was how I could connect with a group of like minded people sharing our concerns, dilemmas, problems etc and lend a shoulder for someone to cry on, in their hour of need. I have started stepping outside my comfort zone by being a Facebook warrior fighting for causes ranging from better infrastructure to protecting the environment. Also, in an attempt to encourage the budding entrepreneurs, I have given business to people selling their home based products. Not only this, while decluttering I have sold some of my used items with the help of FB. I see the world very differently now – as a place of promising opportunities to those who seek.

Today I am inspired to be a blogger with a clear vision. Thanks to Facebook for guiding me in the proper direction and letting me carve my own path towards a dream goal. I am eternally grateful to FB which has opened the doors to the external world and this beautiful cyberspace where I have found my own VOICE!!


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