Simple Expectations of a Sassy Mommy


When it comes to shortlisting a play school for my little one, I feel like GoldiLocks who wants everything to be “Just Right”..

1. Infrastructure – Not too big, Not too small.

2. Location – Not too far, Not too close.

3. Facilities – Not too extravagant, Not too stingy.

4. Franchise – Not too old, Not too new.

5. Fees – Not too exorbitant, Not too cheap.

6. Children per class – Not too many, Not too less.

7. Teachers – Not too outdated, Not too inexperienced.

8. Syllabus – Not too academically oriented, Not too much fun.

9. Discipline – Not too Strict, Not too lenient.

10. Care Takers – Not too Shabby, Not too Hoity Toity.

11. Security measures – Not too Military like, Not too Relaxed.

12. Play Slides, Monkey Bars etc – Not too high, Not too low.

13. Fellow Children – Not too Strong, Not too weak.

You see, it is pretty simple actually. Now that I have laid down all my requirements, can you tell me why am I having problems finding one that matches the criteria??

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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