During our recent Supermarket trip, picking up an herbal packet, my daughter said with a mischievous grin, “Mom, Look what I found.. CROW”. The item which she was showing brought a smile to my face.

Let me give you the Flashback. Visualise spiralling circles in front of you as we travel back in time.

VOICE OVER in the background – “Many years ago, when a mom was trying to give oil bath to her 4 year old daughter in an Indian household..”

Daughter : “What is that paste in the bowl?”

Mom : “This is Shikakha.”

Daughter : “What?? Kaakha?”

Mom : “Yes.. Just like your white bath soap DOVE. This is Kaakha – CROW, for your hair. See it is black in colour.”

End of the Visual.

Even though, this incident happened many years ago, the fact that my daughter was still able to remember this fondly made me realise the impact this conversation has on her.

Environment is the third teacher which brings out the creativity of the mom that transforms her from a regular Mommy into a “SASSY MOMMY”!!

P S – Shikakha is an herbal hair cleanser. Kaakha is the regional reference for the bird crow.


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