Ready, Study, Goal – Exam Time Chronicles of a Nerd


Exams are nightmares for the students, especially the academically oriented studious types also known as The Self Motivated Nerds, who have the fear to ace the exams as the only constant companion in their life. Propelled by his own fear, the Nerd comes up with a strategy considering all of his personal stronger and weaker areas in the due course of his exam preparation. To understand this better, let us take a little peek inside a Nerd’s head to know what goes on in his mind starting from the preparation time to the results time.

A Month before Exams

1. Makes an hourly Study Timetable (including the time taken for showering, eating, sleeping etc) so that none of the subjects go untouched.
2. Reads the lessons, understands the concepts and highlights  the important points.
3. Memorises the class notes, refers any additional study materials for clearing the extra doubts and stays ahead of the fellow classmates.
4. Never admits to his friends that he is prepared for any surprise class tests.
5. Till which chapter he has prepared will remain a guarded secret, but he will try to find out where others have reached.
6. Always impresses the teacher with his apt and prompt answers in the classroom which helps in getting more internal marks.
7. Have a collection of old question papers gathered from his seniors.
8. Attempts to complete one old question paper everyday, to improve his speed during the exams.
9. As the exam nears, he sleeps late and wakes up early – not wasting a single second.

On the Day of Exam

1. Revise, Revise, Revise..
2. Equips himself with the needed stationery items like his lucky pen, pencil, eraser, hall tickets etc.
3. Showers and says some extra prayers while making a deal with God that he will go around the temple “n” times if he comes first in the class.
4. Applies Holy ash, vermilion, etc on the forehead after the prayers. It doesn’t matter if his forehead resembles the flag of a political party.
5. Touches the feet of his parents to get some extra dosage of blessings.
6. Says a momentary prayer if he happens to pass any temple along the way and lights a camphor on the temple close to his school.
7. Finds the exam hall and takes one last glance at all the important questions and answers.
8. Remembers to take God’s name one last time before collecting the question paper.
9. Starts writing the detailed answers first and then the one mark questions because God forbid if there is a time crunch, only the lesser marks questions will be affected.
10. Keeps a lookout on the competition to see how many additional sheets they are taking.
11. Underlines the key points and checks the whole answer sheet for careless mistakes when the invigilator announces “five minutes more”.
12. Keeps checking the answer sheet till the invigilator literally snatches it from his hand.
13. Comes out of the examination hall, rechecks the textbook for any doubtful answers, discusses the same in detail with friends and panics if the answer is wrong.
14. Repeats the same on all the exam days.

Evaluation and Results Time

1. When the teacher distributes the corrected answer sheets, he goes thru the answer sheet from top to bottom, looking for any chance to request the teacher for atleast few marks more.
2. Keeps adding up the total immediately as and when the subject marks are given to see who is leading in the class.
3. Sets another goal to come first in the class (again) and vows to do much better next time.

There are lot of valuable lessons to be learnt from the above mentioned scenario – not just for the exams but for our life. Some of the key points to be remembered are as follows

– A Thorough Plan is crucial for doing anything in your life.
– Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
– Be ready to go that extra mile for reaching your goal.
– Faith helps you conquer your deepest fears.
– You and only You matter.
– If you don’t succeed at the first attempt, come up with a better strategy and try again.

“May you succeed and excel in all the exams of your LIFE!!”


(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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