Multiple Avatars of a Simpleton


The Perennial question of “Who am I?” is something that keeps popping in our head every now and then. In a world of hashtags and @, how do you identify yourself?

We are not defined by just one single trait. All of us are known to others by the various representations of our personality, character, association and achievements. Like the Hindu Gods depicting many Avatars, we too have multiple Avatars projecting one of our many dominant, significant or characteristic features at a given time.

How others know us

We are the brand ambassadors of ourselves and people have different ways of identifying us as an individual which makes us unique.

1. By our Biological connections – As the son / daughter of our parents, the sibling of our brother / sister, the parent of our child etc
2. By our Relationships – As the husband / wife / friend / ex boyfriend / girlfriend etc of someone.
3. By our Achievements, Capabilities and Behaviour – As the most intelligent / naughty / talkative / silent student in the classroom.
4. By our Physical features and attributes – As a person with fair / dark complexion, thin / fat body, long / short hair etc
5. By our Material Possessions – As the person who lives in a bungalow / hut, who owns a car / scooter, who dresses stylishly / poorly etc
6. By our Associated people – As the person seen with smart people / vagabonds/ pretty partner / powerful people etc
7. By our Character – As a person who is punctual / late / lazy / dependable / trustworthy etc.
8. By our Talents – As a person who is a great singer / dancer / artist / writer / cook etc
9. By our Traits – As a person who is always happy / funny / pensive / angry / stressed etc.
10. By our Habits – As a person who laughs loudly / talks with an accent / clears his throat frequently / drinks a lot of coffee / eats healthy / smokes etc.
11. By our Qualities – As a person who is an idea person / philanthropist / role model / innovator / motivator.
12. By our Roles – As a leader / boss / assistant / teacher / neighbour etc
13. By our Personal Experience – As a person who works for an IT company, who has won a lottery, who has a certain medical condition, etc.

Who we think we are

By default, we assume the role of a mother / wife / daughter, father / husband / son, brother / sister, student / teacher, boss / assistant, etc according to the situation and surroundings. We don’t stop being someone, but just transform into a different Avatar while being the same self. Many times, we think people associate us only with a certain characteristic and hence try to emulate only that likeable image even though we feel differently inside. This could make us feel unhappy and shallow as we know in our heart that it is not the “real” us. It is natural for anybody to behave in an uncharacteristic manner and any error in judgement should not be seen as a personal flaw. We are here to experience the various aspects of human nature in all its glory and nobody is expected to be perfect.

Who we actually are

Actually the perspective of the other person makes a huge difference in the manner in which we are seen. For instance, any child is beautiful to his mother however he is and any mother is divine to a loving child, even though others may beg to differ. Our different Avatars contributed by changes in Physical attributes, Relationship status, Character traits, Behaviour, Material possessions, Habits, Roles etc are inevitable. But the inner beauty along with the resilience are the two most important virtues – the core of all the Avatars that will remain same even when the mind and the body are continuously evolving. While it is normal to experience conflicting Avatars of ourselves, we have to ensure that the basic essence of our existence is the ultimate uplifting of our soul to reach the supreme power.

Go ahead..  Experiment with life, dare to make mistakes, experience the consequences, surprise the world by a totally different Avatar of yourself and enjoy the Transformation because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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