Momster on the Prowl


The most awaited Summer holidays have begun. The Good news is that my ever prowling Momster Avatar will not disturb the peaceful morning atmosphere for the next two months. Yeah.. now it will be spread evenly through out the entire day.

The days will not begin with

“Get up.. it is 6.30”

“It is 7’o clock and you have not brushed your teeth”

“What are you still doing in the bathroom? It has been 15 minutes”

“Eat faster.. It is 7.30 already”

“How much time do you need for polishing the shoes? It is almost 7.45”

The duplex home living where most of the bedrooms are upstairs and the kitchen downstairs being the predominant reason for the commotion. But on the downside, the whole lane which was getting a free time announcement every five – ten minutes in the mornings will have to actually start looking at their clocks to know time.

A holiday without any agenda or schedule will be full of interesting events. Any parent having free willed and spirited children will be able to relate to atleast some of the instances from the following real life statements given by kids themselves.

* I painted my nails with permanent markers

* I just wanted to cut the front portion of my hair for fringes, now my hair is looking silly and uneven

* I thought I could shape my eyebrows with the razor, but it is looking slightly weird now

* I didn’t mean to disturb you when you were on the call, that’s why I was playing with my make believe drums

* I was doing gymnastics on the bed. The first few times I didn’t fall

* I wanted to see if the bathroom gets filled with bubbles if I empty the whole bottle of bath bubbles

* I was using the towel rack in the bathroom as monkey bars and I slipped

* I accidentally dropped the tooth brush in the toilet, but I washed it afterwards

* I wanted to see how many CDs can fit inside the DVD player

* I wanted to underline all the important words in the Dictionary with the sketch pens

* I didn’t know that the ball will knock down the crystal vase

* Is that today’s newspaper? I was learning how to cut in straight lines with the scissors.

* He laughed so much when I rode the battery operated toy car on him and now his hair is entangled in the wheels

* I was just trying to melt the Nutella in the microwave and it exploded.

* So I shouldn’t practice skating near the cutlery unit??

* “Never” means today also?

When the kids are driving us crazy with their innovative mischiefs, the only normal parental behaviour for any mom is to unleash her “Momster” avatar with a raised voice in a meek display of power. I admit that we are a loud family where I contribute half, the children half and my husband the rest of the noise at home. To our advantage, we have truly been fortunate enough to have either aged people with the preconceived notion that noisy children make the place so lively by their pranks and mischiefs, or working couples who are out of the house in the daytime as neighbours. Bless the heart of my neighbours who have never complained so far. For the next special occasion of their family, I am planning to gift them a noise cancelling headphone gear as a gesture of apology.

In the mean time, this Momster will oblige and accept invites to spend our summer vacation with any willing and brave hearted family. Any takers??

“Happy Holidays!!”

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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