The Pursuits of a Healthaholic


While at the local supermarket, “What happened Madam? Not heard from you for a while now” says a man with a concerned voice. My answer of “Everything is fine” seemed to only disappoint him. That unhappy man is my pharmacist. You see.. I am one of those people whose speed dial has doctors, pharmacists etc immediately after the close family members. What started off as a simple quest for good quality products to minimise the harmful effects of chemicals has become a full blown obsession over a period of time. Like our monthly grocery list, I have a monthly list for our medical shop also with items ranging from fluoride free toothpaste, alcohol free shampoo, extra sensitive skin bars, vitamins, medicines, etc – so much so that I get some extra discounts for being a loyal customer.

I am a firm believer that Good health is not just the absence of any disease, but a lifestyle with a complete state of physical and emotional well being. I have been practicing healthy living habits for quite a while now which has become an obsessive compulsive disorder making me a “Healthaholic”. A growing tribe – Healthaholics follow many of the following habits which I also adhere to.

– I prefer self cooked food to restaurant food for hygiene reasons.
– My home cooked meal will be less spicy, less oily and less salty.
– I make fresh regional breakfast / lunch / dinner everyday.
– I include lot of fruits, vegetables, pulses etc and very less fried items.
– Whenever possible, buy only organic products which is free of pesticides.
– Buy only local produce and steer clear of the imported exotic fruits.
– I have a home garden for the commonly used greens.
– I drink lot of warm water, but never in the middle of the meal which might hinder the digestion.
– Try different grains and millets as healthy alternatives to the usual staple.
– Eat meals on time, ending the day with an early dinner – 2 hours before bedtime.
– Restrict store bought snacks and savouries.

– Perform lot of physical activities as a way to burn the calories.

– I avoid plastic and use traditional cookware utensils made of iron, bronze, earthenware, stainless steel, copper, etc.

– If I hear the health benefits of any new product with well supported evidence, I wouldn’t hesitate to try it.

– I flee from the place, if anybody is seen coughing/ sneezing.
– Sanitise my hands frequently to avoid communicable diseases.

Even after taking all these measures, the reason why Good health still evades us is not a mystery. Remember, in the simpler times, a family doctor who would know us inside out would address all our health problems. He would ask the compounder at his clinic to mix a concoction which would cure any ailment in a day or two maximum. But now, an ordinary family woman like me has the contact details of general physician, paediatrician, dentist, dermatologist, orthopaedic, cardiologist and gynaecologist in her speed dial. I am very grateful that these new age doctors are so friendly that they respond to our quick queries instantly whether by whatsapp message or email. But even with all that rapport, sometimes we can’t help feel paranoid about each episode of ailment and its multiple complications.

In my opinion, the polluted environment is the main contributor for many drug resistant diseases and getting back to the lifestyle followed by our ancestors is the only hope for the current generation to restore the lost health and vigour. Till then, we have to keep our local drugstore guy happy by ordering the monthly supply of medicines.

Here is the final advice from the Healthaholic. An Apple a day might help you keep the Doctor away, but an Apple iPhone will help you keep the Doctor, Pharmacist etc only a message away!!

Stay Healthy and Enjoy Life!!!


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