Child Labour – The Plight of Poor Children


Views of my 11 year old daughter about Child Labour


I am lucky to have parents who take good care of me. I get the best of food and facilities. I go to one of the best schools in the city. My parents fulfill almost every wish of mine, whether it is to watch DVDs early in the morning or to eat ice pops late at night or take me for a vacation anywhere around the world. God has been really kind to me and I thank him for that.

But there are these boys and girls who are not as lucky as me. They are poor children. They have no shelter to protect them from the heavy rains or from the scorching, merciless Sun. They spend their childhood working in mills, factories, roadside cafes or they are seen begging and picking up rags on the busy street, where vehicles will be coming at high speeds with the possibilities of accidents. How cruel life is to them!

These are the years when they should be going to school and getting good education, not do labor work. There is a law in our country that no child below the age of 14 is permitted to do labour work but these children are forced to work under harsh conditions and are beaten mercilessly when they go wrong. For those children, life is a curse. They are poor who are left to suffer.

All children, rich or poor, have the right to education and healthy environment. We must come together and do our part to help them. We must treat our domestic workers and labourers with a little more respect and give them dignity. We can speak to them politely and we can help teach them to be cleaner with good hygienic habits.

We must never forget that children are the future of our country and without them being educated, our country cannot progress.


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