Red Alert, Red Alert – Volcano Eruption!!


Women don’t just start their day, they kick start the day of the entire family. Who needs an alarm clock, when they have got their own MomBot? “I still need to revise 2 more lessons. Wake me up a little early”. This statement from my child is enough to keep my mind alert, not wanting to oversleep by mistake in the morning. I start waking the peacefully sleeping child at 5.30 which gets me a reply of “Five minutes”.

To a silent spectator who sees me in my multitasking morning avatar – many things will cross his mind like a passing tornado, a bubbling volcano, etc. Well..sort of. Without wasting a single second after I enter the kitchen – Milk, coffee, pressure cooker with rice and dal, vegetables that I cut the previous night etc will be placed one each on each of the four gas burners. Next, in the interest of conserving water, I switch on the Water purifier filling the rejected water in a bucket to be used for cleaning. I run to the laundry room to put the clothes in the washing machine for wash, keeping in mind that the milk would boil any minute. I reach the kitchen back to save the milk just at the nick of time. I prepare my coffee and turn on the FM radio for company. I love listening to Bollywood songs in the background while I am working in the kitchen. Somehow, the radio signal always seem to be in wavelength with my mood picking up the right songs.

Radio playing a nice soothing song “Kyunki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho..”

The inner MomBot clock tells me that it is time to wake the sleepy child again who went on snooze mode previously. But 1/2 an hour, 45 minutes and an hour later also gets the same response – “Five minutes”. Then when the child eventually gets up, I remind her about the lessons to be revised. “Uhhh.. I will just write what I know” comes the reply. Even though this is expected, the inner dormant volcano begins to get slightly hotter.

Radio playing the remix version of “Maine hothon se lagaayi to, Hungama ho gaya..”

Slowly, the sleepy family wakes up and waits for their morning cuppa. All of them have a special preference when it comes to their morning drink – Horlicks, Boost, plain milk in their respective cups. The younger one still needs to be fed along with some entertainment. “Shall I ask Daddy to feed you?”, “NO…only mummy”. There goes another 15 minutes of my time. The volcano starts bubbling by now.

Radio picking up pace with “Radha on the dance floor..”

I start the main course for the day, along with the breakfast. The maid enters the picture expecting tea and instructions as to what job to be done first. In the meantime, I check on the elder one to see whether she is getting ready for school. I stir, I grind, I pour, I reach things from the top cup board, from the bottom cup board. I practically move around the kitchen in jet speed – like a looming Tornado, ala Jim Carey in “Mask”.

While the main course is about to boil over, I frantically look for the kitchen grip to remove the dish from the stove, with no luck. Where could it be? I was using it just a little while ago. When all of a sudden, I notice that the little one is playing with it as a pretend Alligator. By the time, I convince him to give it back to me, the dish boils over and spills on the stove completely. This officially gets my inner Volcano ready to erupt any second.

Radio picks up the tempo with “Uff Teri adaa, I like the way you move..”

The door bell rings. It is the “ironing man” who has come to collect the clothes. I run to fetch the already packed bag and give it to him. Back to the kitchen to clean the spilled mess, when another voice calls me. Why does everybody turn up around the same time? “Madam, l need the seeds and the neem oil for spraying”. I give the required things to my gardener along with quick instructions about the garden. There is just enough time to pack the lunch box, snack box etc for the elder one, when she suddenly remembers about a diary note she is supposed to take from the parents. Now, the volcano erupts loudly spluttering angry fireballs for the final and massive showdown.

Radio blaring with the most upbeat song “Pappara para, pappara para, parara parara…”

Did I ever tell you why I listen to songs?? For “RELAXING” of course…


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