Be”You”tiful Choice…


I am just an average looking plain Jane who by choice do not own a single cosmetic product. In an attempt to avoid the adverse effects of harsh chemicals, I am trying to make a lifestyle change by opting to use as many natural products possible. Another conscious choice that I am making is to have only breathable and comfortable cotton clothes in my wardrobe. In a world obsessed with beauty and designer labels, there is a very good chance that this decision will be scorned upon.

But who defines beauty? I agree. Women, including myself are obsessed with their looks. Everybody is trying to increase the desirability quotient and redefine their beauty in some way or the other. The cosmetics industry is making use of this opportunity by flooding the market with new products that assure to give the consumers a quick age defying look and youthful appearance. Radiant glow, clear skin, lustrous locks, etc never go out of style. I have seen some septuagenarian people like my grandmother who still possess these features by following a simple beauty regime – Eat right, Keep fit and use all natural organic ingredients from the kitchen for cleansing / exfoliating the skin. “What you won’t put in your stomach shouldn’t be put on your skin” – is the motto.

Similarly, the trend setters in the apparel industry tell us what is in vogue for that particular season. The fashion designers seem to be dictating the whole world as to what kind of fabric, style and pattern would give us an extra edge over the others. There is a guideline given as to what type of clothes would suit people by dividing the body shapes as scale, spoon, apple, pear, hourglass etc. Well, let us see. Which option should I choose that comes close to “watermelon”?

There was a time, when people bought strips of cloth material which was custom made into a dress according to our instructions in our measurement by our local tailors. They are the original fashion designers. Now, there is a designer studio in every corner which would charge exorbitant amount for doing the same while insulting our suggestions as “so last season”. I seriously wonder why are we letting people do this to us.

We should decide what we want to wear while being comfortable in it. Ordinary people like us move around a lot in our day to day life. What is the point in opting for a dress that restricts our movement? We are not mannequins to just hold a pose and stay pretty in an off-shoulder dress. We are moms who need to pick up their children – not ramp models to be wearing designer gowns with trains in the back or sarees with trailing pallus. Also, what is the fun in wearing satins in a hot tropical country like ours. Be sensible in your choice of clothes before splurging on your next designer wear – just because you can afford to. The idea is to find your own style whether it is a saree, a skirt or a pant – suit that compliments your personality and lifestyle.

Make a Be”You”tiful Choice to carry yourself with grace and dignity. Remember, if you want to make a lasting impression, the only make up that you need to win over this world is a WINNING SMILE and POISE.


2 responses to “Be”You”tiful Choice…

  1. I enjoyed reading this post – your approach to simplicity and comfort in all things is a great one – an approach I advocate too. Athough I agree that it is hard sometimes to maintain a chosen path because of outside influences and controls.

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