For everything I Am and everything I Am Not..

“Motherhood is highly overrated and glorified unnecessarily by the whole world” was my opinion until I became a mother. Women have this natural nurturing characteristic that gets tapped into, the moment they are handed over the responsibility of a baby who is solely dependent on them. Mothers are like the Sun – the centre of the Universe around whom the whole family orbits. They hold the family together by giving their best in playing the multiple roles of a provider, a care taker, a protector, a disciplinarian, an advisor, a friend, a role model etc as the situation demands, without which the system would crumble and collapse otherwise.
As a mother, my role has been evolving rapidly as I learn from my previous mistakes and approach a similar situation differently. Both of my children have a different mother-child relationship with me which is altered depending on their individual characteristics, the external stimuli and influence. But the one thing which remains unchanged is the fact that I always want what is best for my children.

In my committed role as a Mother

“I Am”


– Always putting the children’s needs ahead of mine.
– Teaching the importance of virtues like Honesty, Humility, Faith in God, Respect for elders etc.

– Encouraging the children to read, be creative and develop their imagination.

– Offering guidance when needed.

– Emphasising the need to be punctual at all times.

– An Over protective Parent who will not let them get hurt.

– A strict disciplinarian about following rules.

– Actively involving them in all kinds of extra curricular activities.

– A Friend, with whom they can be as silly as they can be.

– Helping them to Stand up for what is right and what they believe in.

“I am Not”


– Afraid of making mistakes, as I am also only human.

– Going to let anybody take my children for granted.

– Willing to let them settle for anything less than what they deserve.

– Wanting to be their Role model, but inspire them to be their own.

– Letting them follow anybody’s footsteps, but instead encouraging them to carve their own path.

– Always patient and tolerant, especially when it comes to their character building.

– Granting them an easy life without putting in any hard work.

– Teaching them learn only gender specific roles and responsibilities.

– Going to let them be dependent on anybody, but themselves.

– Willing to quit on them, without making them see their true potential.

Mothers are the architects of the children’s future who will guide the children in their desired path by holding hands and walking beside them, till the extent physically possible and be extremely happy to see them march forward in the direction of their dreams beyond the horizon. God who couldn’t always stay close to everyone, created Mothers as his alternative – the most amazing and selfless beings with a beautiful smile and serene soul who are always ready to lend a helping hand to her offsprings.

Let me finish by narrating a small incident that happened yesterday. My little one dropped his tiny toy horse behind the cot and asked me to fetch it for him. Although it was difficult, I moved the heavy cot slightly and pulled out the toy. The delighted little one who was extremely impressed with my strength and perseverance showered me with kisses and said “Thanks Mummy, You are a strong Man!!”☺☺☺

Well, That sums it all – For everything I am and everything I am not..

“Happy Mother’s Day” to all the extra ordinary Moms!! You definitely make the world a better place!!


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