Innocuous Observations of a Wise Fool


The Paradox of Life

1. Master of many, prisoner of lifestyle.
2. Surrounded by people, engulfed in loneliness.
3. Beautiful soul, frustrated mind.
4. Full of potential, lack of direction.
5. Fertile Imagination, no proper channelling.
6. Highly Educated, but simply ignorant.

7. Book Smart, yet not street smart.
8. Prime of Age, absence of Good health.
9. Strong Body, Fragile Ego.
10. Brazen Voice, but no command.
11. Multilingual, not articulate even in the Mother Tongue.
12. Solid Ideas, poor execution.
13. Abundant Wealth, Bad Choice of investments.
14. Array of options, yet bound only to a specific choice.
15. Irresistible offers, Wrong Timing.


2 responses to “Innocuous Observations of a Wise Fool

  1. Thanks for the feedback Rudy.. I have to agree.. Your article is very insightful and thought provoking covering the topic in depth. Enjoyed reading it..Thanks for sharing.

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