Quotable quotes from Sassy Mommy

25 Pearls of Wisdom from Sassy Mommy who calls herself a Wise Fool

“Don’t prepare your children for the rat race, instead educate them in such a way that they are able to stand out in the crowd as a LION!!”

“A Family which “Baby talks” together, stays together!!”

“There is no place like Home and any Home can be made a castle, if the King and Queen are in love.”

“I never stop dreaming. Right now, I only “Dream of Sleeping” and I consider myself fully qualified to be a professional dreamer.”

“Bring the family together for watching cartoons and take your children’s help in bringing your inner child out to see how much fun life can be..”

“Mirror, Mirror On the Wall..Please tell me that I am not Old after all!!”

“Bitten by the Lazy Bug, more and more people are falling prey to this viral disease called “Laziness” which is spreading like an epidemic.”

“Midlife is the phase in a person’s life when he is too old to be young and too young to be old.”

“Bull’s market or Bear’s market – This shopaholic is not interested if there are no stores to shop.”

“I am eternally grateful to FB which has opened the doors to the external world and this beautiful cyberspace where I have found my own VOICE!!”

“The time of the year when Love is in the air, I Breathe in and I Breathe out. The magical air somehow seem to have changed my perspective. I feel ALIVE and COMPLETE that I want to yell from the rooftop “I love myself”!! Because I am worth it!!”

“If 40 is considered as the Summit of the human lifecycle, I will be on a very difficult uphill climb this year. I am reminded of all the things that I wanted to do before wrapping up another decade of my life.”

“Experiment with life, dare to make mistakes, experience the consequences, surprise the world by a totally different Avatar of yourself and enjoy the Transformation because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!”

“May you succeed and excel in all the exams of your LIFE!! READY, STUDY, GOAL!!!”

“Make a Be”You”tiful Choice to carry yourself with grace and dignity. Remember, if you want to make a lasting impression, the only make up that you need to win over this world is a WINNING SMILE and POISE.”

“Shine like a Diamond, My Precious One,
Because YOU are One in a Million!!”

“A Rose will always remain a Rose whichever garden it is in!!”

“Children – Aren’t these disturbances also Blessings in disguise from God?”

“Women don’t just start their day, they kick start the day of the entire family.”

“An Apple a day might help you keep the Doctor away, but an Apple iPhone will help you keep the Doctor, Pharmacist etc only a message away!!”

“Mothers are the architects of the children’s future who will guide the children in their desired path by holding hands and walking beside them till the extent physically possible.”

“Technology is a Good Servant, but a Bad Master. Don’t let it rule your life.”

“My Verdict on Whatsapp – “Stay Connected.. USE IT!! DON’T ABUSE IT!!”

“Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat.. What a fun routine it is!! Life is a delight when we are not expected to meet any expectations or deadlines.”

“In conclusion, after saying “I Do” – Do Balance your Marriage in such a way that both you and your spouse feel equally valued.”


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