Toddler Tales


Toddlers – They adore you, love you unconditionally and hero worship you. In return, they expect you to take the front row seat and cheer / applaud their each and every single accomplishment whether it is drinking milk without spilling, or swinging from the monkey bars, or going potty without any untoward incident. The cutest things which they say will either tickle your funny bones, tug your heart, make you think or sometimes make you run for cover. Life with a talkative toddler is immensely enjoyable and memorable. Sharing some of such mention worthy titbits which will for sure bring a smile on anybody’s face.

Me : Can you wait here while I use the restroom?
Toddler : Why? I want to come inside too.
Me : Because you are a boy and I am a girl.
Toddler : (After Laughing loudly) You are not a girl. You are a Mom!!

That’s right. Once you become a Mother, your gender changes into a neutral “Mom” and privacy becomes a rare luxury..

Me : Did you have fun at school?
Toddler : No, I was missing you.
Me : I missed you too. But you should make new friends.
Toddler : I want to be only your friend.
Me : Have fun with your school friends when you are there. You can play with me after coming back home.
Toddler : But, What will you do at home alone, Mommy?

You see.. The emotional meltdown while going to school is mainly because of the toddler’s extreme concern about leaving the mom alone at home.

One day while using the food processor, it stopped working due to some problem. I tried the first and the best effective action, anybody would do in such a scenario.. which is to start banging the top and the sides with all my accumulated force. The curious toddler who was watching this, asked me what happened. I was still trying my luck by pulling the plug and putting it on an other socket.

Toddler : Is it not working?
Me : (Still fiddling with it)
Toddler : May be the Internet is not there..
Me : 😂😂😂

Yes.. Looks like these tech savvy toddlers are already under the impression that every single gadget and appliance is wired / connected to the Internet. When their time comes, they might be able to transform this world like the ones on the science fiction movies.

Toddler : Did I really come from your tummy?
Me : Yes, really..
Toddler : Did you eat me?
Me : Only because you were very sweet.
Toddler : I am a sweet boy now also. Will you eat me again?
Me : No I won’t. Last time I got a bad stomach ache and the Doctor had to cut my tummy to take you out.
Toddler : Mommy, Have you learnt your lesson?
Me : Yes I have..
Toddler : Don’t do it again…

With so many such trivial things to comprehend, no wonder they constantly keep asking questions.

While going in the car, the toddler is opening the window.

Me : Don’t open the Window. The AC is on.
Toddler : Let everybody get AC, Mommy!!

The toddlers are always thinking Out of the Box due to the absence of any Preconceived ideas.

“They are Caring and Honest.
They are Loud and Demanding.
But nevertheless, they are the Sweetest!!”

Make Time to enjoy your extremely energetic child’s Toddlerhood in its full glory, as this is a very short phase, but truly rewarding.


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