Single, Independent and Strong = Not Wrong 


The Marital status used to define the destiny of a person. Not anymore…

All of us love romantic fairy tales where a boy meets a girl, falls in love and gets married to live happily ever after. The circumstances along with the struggle they both had to face which was instrumental in bringing them together as a happily married couple becomes the strength of their love like an anchor that holds them together by not letting them stray away in the rough water of times. Sadly, this kind of real life stories are becoming rare in this fast paced world as we are seeing many unhappy marriages, broken marriages, multiple marriages, divorces etc. Depending on the social status of those involved, it is either considered as a very big deal or something that is not a big deal at all.

Arranged marriage is the most common and prevalent model in our country which facilitates people to get married first and then try to get along with each other for the rest of their lives. The screening process before such an arranged Marriage includes checking the horoscopes to find out if the positions of the nine planets are favourable. It is very unfortunate that in a society like ours even the highly educated people fall prey to societal pressures thereby choosing life partners based on the horoscopes. If only they could put a little bit more effort to actually let the would be couple socialise together and figure out things on their own. Matching the characters and temperaments instead of horoscopes would be more fruitful in helping the would be couple enjoy their future time together.

People are forced to suffer the consequences of the wrong match thus made by the elders. An Introvert paired with an extrovert and vice versa will only lead to problems. Similarly, there will be clashes if there is a mismatch in their values and ideals. Expecting a person to lose their individuality completely to gain a new identity becomes the foremost reason for the first of the many disappointments which builds up slowly like an avalanche.

It is ridiculous to validate an individual’s existence depending on whether he/she is married and produced offsprings. In a society which is obsessed with marriage, times are slowly changing as divorce which was earlier considered taboo is becoming common. Although it is a shame that divorced people are still considered to be head strong who lack the ability to get along with people. Marriages end not only because one is at fault, but it could also happen because the couple fall apart. It is very difficult for ordinary gossip mongers to accept that a marriage could end amicably without the usual drama and the hullabaloo.

Why does one need to project a happily married image to showcase a successful life? There are many single equally accomplished personas who have proved their worth and more importantly happy with their choice. While respecting the cultural values of our country and the institute of marriage which bring two people in Holy matrimony, we have to be clear that nobody has any right to scrutinise a person based on their marital status. Accept people as they are and understand that sometimes it is alright for someone to break the wedlock instead of locking horns for leading a peaceful life.

“Don’t Judge a Book by its cover!!”


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