The Journey is the Reward!!

Two decades!!  It feels as if we were married only now. Ours is a very unique story where a King of Silence gets married to a Queen of Words to live blissfully and stressfully ever after in the Kingdom of Chaos.

Two strangers who are poles apart in their beliefs and ideals are brought together as a couple only by the strong hands of destiny. I am full of contradictions – a person who loves the colours vibrant Red and the dark Black with equal passion. The only balance I have found is in the form of a life companion to share all the flavours of life in this beautiful and eclectic journey, with Almighty as my GPS who recalculates and re-routes whenever I am deviating away from the destination.

As a young wife, the freedom and the trust bestowed upon me in the early years of marriage helped me in my transformation from a naive small town girl to a confident urban woman. In these 20 years, I have learnt many valuable life lessons for which I am eternally thankful to my husband. I give 100% credit to my husband for

1. Helping me identify my unfounded courage.
2. Trusting my judgements and instincts, when in doubt.
3. Supporting my crazy endeavours.
4. Letting me understand the things that are left unsaid at my own pace.
5. Accepting the Flawed personality as part of the character.
6. Making a Back seat driver discover the power of Self Driving.
7. Being Perfect for each other in our imperfections.
8. Adding the Right amount of Reassurance and not just Romance to hold the marriage intact for years.
9. Putting up with my extreme moods – which in a jiffy swings from Yo Yo Honey Singh to Arijit Singh, Shah Rukh Khan to Matt Damon, Jeffery Archer to Chetan Bhagat.
10. Making Mrs.Always Right married to Mr.Whatever feasible, if we understand that variety is the essence of life.
11. Sharing tears and fears during testing times.
12. Validating that Love can be resurrected, no matter what.
13. Helping me understand how important it is to have good negotiating skills even within family.
14. Finding the eye of the storm in our everyday conundrums.
15. Being committed to the same Book, while often not being on the same page.
16. Accepting that driving everyone crazy is part of my charm.
17. Challenging that God is everywhere and not just in the details.
18. Growing old with a young family to have tons of fun.
19. Teaching that trying to control everything will only lead things to go out-of-control.
20. Believing in God’s Timing and waiting patiently to produce our Magnum Opus.

In Life, we often see the pretty ones become prettier, smart ones become smarter, but with no choice left – the ordinary ones become the extra ordinary ones and such occasions deserve celebrations. In those moments, there is absolutely nothing comparable if you have the right companion to cheer you up – even silently. Today I feel blessed to celebrate our 20 years of Happiness and Differences as an “Imperfect couple”.

Happy Anniversary Honey!! I Love You for enduring years of nagging and still looking forward to many more!!


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