Neither Black Nor White – Grey matters the Most

When the self proclaimed social butterfly ala Shoba De of our community was making fun of the domestic Goddess that I am, my healthy ego wanted to retaliate with a bang. But on the other hand, my rational mind convinced me not to make the situation or the person feel powerful with my impulsive reaction provoked zingers.

The superficial qualities such as being seen in designer wears, idle gossiping and party hopping alone do not make a person elite. What matters the most is whether we are growing intellectually and repaying the society by our good deeds – without being a show off. So let us not be hasty in judging others without trying to walk in their shoes.

Not just one, but there are multiple ways to do something right. We are all exploring the world in the way each of our soul wants to. Things need not be extreme black or white all the time, as most of us feel safe and comfortable in a cozy in-between zone depending on our current circumstances, mindset and the people involved.

We are who we are. On keen self observation I could identify the following aspects as some of my 15 Shades of Grey and I feel proud to be exhibiting these qualities.

1. Neither Extrovert, Nor Introvert
2. Neither Old fashioned, Nor Ultra modern
3. Neither Outspoken, Nor Quiet
4. Neither Bubbly, Nor Boring
5. Neither Daring, Nor Timid
6. Neither Rational, Nor Superstitious
7. Neither Religious, Nor Atheist
8. Neither a Risk taker, Nor Laid back
9. Neither High Maintenance, Nor Easygoing
10. Neither Accomplished, Nor Amateur
11. Neither Affluent, Nor Insufficient
12. Neither Romantic, Nor Pragmatic
13. Neither Wary, Nor Gullible
14. Neither Rebellious, Nor Docile
15. Neither Attached, Nor Detached

If I could add just one thing at the cost of sounding rude and arrogant  – “Privacy is my utmost Priority with essential boundaries and people have to earn the Privilege of my company”.

In Science terms, Grey matters define how well connected and smart your brain is. Let us keep mixing our light and dark qualities to get
different shades of Grey, as “Being Smart is the new Sexy”.


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