The Best of Times, Yet the Worst of Times…

“It’s Complicated” might say the status of the year 2016, if it had a Facebook page. Whew.. What an year!! “CHANGE” screamed 2016. It brought a sea of transformation in the economy, politics, leaderships, relationships, perspectives, attitudes and the system in general across the world. For the first time – a commoner like me learnt, err.. was made to learn so many new things and concepts after getting impacted directly. To start with, how to write the word “demonetisation” and subsequently understand its meaning.

Loaded with hope, expectations and promises – the leap year 2016 was welcomed with great euphoria by one and all.  But, truly speaking I have never experienced such an eventful, enlightening and educative year in my entire Life.

Olympics and Paralympics

The Olympic Games is a celebration of sportsmanship which inspires us to give our best in everything we do. The inspirational stories of determined, disciplined and dedicated athletes to achieve the accolades are motivational enough for regular people to take up some form of physical activity atleast for the sake of fitness.


Zika virus which spreads mainly by mosquito bites reminded us of the famous quote by Dalai Lama.
“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
Who knew that Zika with such a cool name could leave the whole world panic stricken.

Bye Bye Plastic bags

As a part of the Green initiative, our city banned the usage of disposable plastic bags in an attempt to reduce the damage to the environment. The initial inconvenience gave way to the disciplined habit of carrying our own reusable bags whenever we are stepping out for shopping.

Water dispute between States

Two neighbouring states when asked to share the water from a river led to riots endangering the lives and properties of the non-natives across both the states. These unpleasant incidents regarding the territories made many of us rethink about our identity while seriously hoping that any disputes regarding the available resources will be resolved in an amicable manner.

Boycott of Chinese Products

The Government called for a campaign to boycott the Chinese products to show solidarity in our fight against terrorism and border intrusions. When we started noticing the labels, realisation struck as to how much business we were giving our neighbours. As a result of that eye opening wisdom, we started purchasing only local products and endorsements.


The British people voted in favour of exiting from the European Union which caused a big political turbulence all over the world. As a result, the country also got a new woman prime minister who is noticed by all for her strong policies and administrative skills as well as her interest in fashion. With Angela Merkel being the German Chancellor, Theresa May will add to the already existing Women Power around the world.

US elections

The most dramatic elections held in the recent times saw the Americans elect a businessman turned TV personality as their 45th President of the country. His controversial anti-immigration policies and arrogance along with his sexist anti-feminist remarks didn’t fetch much supporters initially. Barack Obama – The first President of African descent for two consecutive terms who is considered as the coolest President so far will definitely be missed by one and all.

Pokemon Go

This is an extremely successful location based virtual game which got everybody physically moving with eyes glued to their phones in an attempt to catch the Pokemons – the cartoon characters that pop into existence alongside the real life objects. You may ask how this affected me as I am not a gaming fan. Well, my Facebook newsfeed would get flooded with updates about these captures, which was really annoying.

Fit Bit

The year also saw many people go fitness crazy – counting their footsteps, calories consumed and the amount of shut eye they got. In the journey towards fitness, make every step count and count every step by adding Fitbit to your life. This is one fancy gadget which I strongly recommend as a must have for everyone.

Arnab Goswami

The loudest person in the country is no longer with the popular TV channel. The Nation wants to know what happened and when/where can we hear his voice again.

RIP “Amma”

The sad demise of a chief minister who was an actor turned politician left everyone misty eyed including her political rivals. The “Iron Lady” or “Amma” as she is popularly called was known to lead a lonely life without any family. Her death has made people realise the importance of letting go of petty differences and re-establish the bond with family members.


For the people who were rolling in cash under the mattress and elsewhere, the demonetisation came as a humongous shock. Over night, the higher denomination of currencies were declared obsolete while being offered an even highest value of currency in exchange for the older notes. For weeks after that people were waiting in banks and ATMs for hours together to get smaller valued currencies. Though some people complained initially, many supported this as a welcome change. From vegetable sellers to other roadside vendors, people have now started using E-wallets as a step towards nationwide cashless transactions. Do you know what this means? You can go for shopping with nothing but your cellphone on hand.

So there it is.. Some triumphs, some losses great and small all over the world. We are undoubtedly living in the best of times, yet the worst of times.

Remember the past, learn today and hope for a better tomorrow!!


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