BAE Version 4.0

Born and brought up together.. For the first time in the History, two of the multiple personalities GEEVIL-The Devil and GANGEL-The Angel are having a tête-à-tête before the occasion of GEE’s Fortieth Birthday.

GEEVIL – “Forty, Forty, Half Paati(**meaning grandma)”. I can’t believe GEE is gonna be 40 already.
GANGEL – So are we. It is a fresh new beginning. Besides, you know what they say – Forty is the new Twenty.
GEEVIL – Says who? The people with “Twenty years of experience in trying to look Twenty.”
GANGEL – Be grateful that GEE is ageing gracefully while sheltering us all in one body.
GEEVIL – It is getting crowded in there. Thanks to all of the other new personalities that are shaping up.
GANGEL – It is not as bad as you presume. She is becoming multi-functional because of her demanding role.
GEEVIL – At this rate, it will only lead her to become dysfunctional.
GANGEL – No way.. See the Twinkle in her eyes.
GEEVIL – Why stop there? Look at the wrinkles under the eyes.
GANGEL – Stop that. She is still hot and Fabulous.
GEEVIL – Puhlease… If anything, She is hot-headed and Flabulous.
GANGEL – Let’s not be superficial. She is a wise woman with Character and Integrity being her Strengths.
GEEVIL – You are over-estimating her Strengths. I will agree if you say “Over-analysing” is her weakness.
GANGEL – No. You are under-estimating it as her weakness. It is perfectly acceptable to be rational.
GEEVIL – Relax.. With somebody like you around, no wonder GEE is serious all the time.
GANGEL – That’s not true. She has lots of fun.
GEEVIL – Really?? Do you at least have one tongue out or pouting or winking selfie as a proof of having fun?
GANGEL – Sometimes it is favourable to have an Ice Queen personality to keep fake people at bay.
GEEVIL – Forget it.. You have also become blissfully forgetful with age just like GEE.
GANGEL – Age is just a number. She is ready to refill the rest of the life with interesting and happy moments.
GEEVIL – So be it. I am gonna be around to find out.

And it goes on. The Refined and Redefined fragment of a person’s thought process at the threshold of 40.

In conclusion, this is what GEE has to say before getting ready to embrace a new decade of her life.

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