Carpe Diem

Showing three fingers of his hand, the little one says “I am three years old. How old are you?” I answer in a slightly sad tone of voice “Well. Let’s see. There aren’t enough fingers in your hand to show. If all of us at home, put all our fingers out. That is mummy’s age”. With eyes wide open in momentary disbelief, he gets back to his hassle free world of toys. Wasn’t life much simpler when we were younger?  

Everybody has a physical age, an intellectual age and a spiritual age which may not be in sync with their actual age derived from the date of birth. If that magical number is erased from our memory with a new freedom of choosing any number, majority of the people would prefer to remain younger than their age. Considering the fact that we are racing against time, we have to seize the day. Remaining healthy and happy is a lifestyle choice that would keep us young at heart which will extend to our body as well.

Instead of dwelling on the past regrets of our life, corrective measures should be taken. Without making it sound preachy, let me reiterate some insights which I also need to hear again and implement. After all, experience shared is wisdom gained. Here is my compiled list.

1. Health is the most important wealth that enhances the quality of life. Don’t miss your annual health check up.

2. Make a list of celebrities who are older than you as an inspiration for leading a fit and active lifestyle.

3. Avoid people who try to keep your spirits down with their contagious attitude of being old.

4. Surround yourself with people who are vibrant, witty and full of life.

5. Understand the latest trends and current affairs to be able to carry on a discussion with anyone.

6. Stay updated and make technology your best friend.

7. Speak out. Remaining silent even when the need to voice your opinions arises is a handicap.

8. Don’t compete, instead feel motivated and inspired by the success of others.

9. It is never too late to find your passion.

10. Develop hobbies and interests to keep your mind alert.

11. Set aside Screen time, be it movies or television for unwinding from your usual routine.

12. Fill your ears and soul with music whenever possible.

13. Positive thoughts help us sustain our daily ordeals, but equally important are acknowledging and finding an outlet for the negative thoughts.

14. Decluttering of both mind and materialistic things is crucial for our well being.

15. Add humour as one of the main ingredients of life, because Laughter is the best medicine.

16. Stress is a silent killer. Don’t overdo things and do insist on the importance of sharing household chores with your family members.

17. Planning helps to be prepared in life, but leave some room for spontaneity as well.

 Remember, today is the oldest we have ever been. Some day we might cherish today‘s moments as the best of our life. So Live life to the fullest and Don’t die with your Music still inside you. CARPE DIEM!!


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