Do you Dare to Share

imageDid I ever tell you about the Hollywood celebrity Ashton Kutcher and our special date? Yup.. You heard me right. I understand why you might be a little surprised considering my reputation of not withholding any significant information. Anyways, Ashton and I always become very nostalgic whenever we talk about it. Every year we celebrate that moment when we both descended on this planet earth. Yes, that special date which we cherish and share together is our birthday. Ha ha..

Jokes apart, I have transformed completely from a non sharing person donning the cape of invisibility, to a person who shares too much information. Sharing is always encouraged as a powerful way of spreading happiness, but the extent of openness differs from person to person. However generous one might be, there are certain things which people don’t like to share for reasons only known to them. Shedding some light on some of such things and the reason behind.

1. Warm bed with frequent Turners

After a long tiring day, we look forward to our bedtime where we can sleep peacefully under a cozy blanket. The family bed with all the co-sleepers turning and tossing frequently makes it impossible to get undisturbed sleep.

2. Wifi password with a house guest

In this fast paced world, the demand for staying connected is overwhelming. Since the requirement of password is everywhere, many forgetful people will prefer to keep just one master password that will open everything from their wifi, email, Facebook, Net-banking, to e-wallets etc. Hence they panic to give out that password which if misused could make them bankrupt.

3. Personal phone number with telemarketers

How many times have you been receiving calls that your number has been selected in the lucky draw? Telemarketers never fail to call up at the most inconvenient time of the day with new investment plans, life insurance options, pre-approved credit cards etc.

4. Cell phones to others for making calls

Notifications from banks with our current bank balance, online shopping details, a private chat with the spouse, anything could pop up the moment when our cell phone is in the hands of others.

5. Job description of the maids and their salary

Finding a good maid servant is next to impossible in this competitive world. If in a group, someone praises about how good their maid is, chances are quite high that she will be offered a higher pay package with lesser workload by somebody else within the group.

6. The Shopping points

The obsession to be seen as a fashionista in their social circle is so high that whatever is bought from the market places will be projected as if it is custom made designer wears. Thus making a person become very secretive about the places where she buys the clothes from.

7. How our day spans out

Be it a working professional or a stay at home person – nobody wants to be seen as sitting idle. So if asked how their day was, the reply will always be “Been Busy”.

8. The Magical number appearing on our weighing scale

The most guarded information after anybody’s ATM PIN number is how much they weigh. Even the thinnest person known to anyone might try to stand strategically on the weighing scale in a manner that hides the magical number from the view of others.

9. Mealtime of our Children

In our society, most of the people believe in the power of negative energy. When the parents hovering eyes locate anybody around whose line of vision halts on the child’s plate for more than a few seconds, they dread that the child might fall sick. Hence the parents keep the babies meal time very private and avoid sharing the table in public places.

10. Lending the two/ four wheeler to others

People are known to be possessive of the vehicles they own and may get upset if others ask to use their car/motorcycle.

The Privacy of your personal life is understandable, but be willing to share an honest and true part of yourself with the world around you.

Do Dare to Share!!


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