Boosting the Humour Quotient 

Summer is here, bringing with it a surge in temperature, beautiful moments and a platform to bring out the sense of humour in everyone.

During one such hot and humid day, I was feeling a tad unwell.The cooking and all the immediate needs of the family members were met before I made the official announcement that due to the unavoidable occurance of headache – Mom needed a little quiet time for half an hour in which time I should not be disturbed. There was a confused look on the faces of the children as they tried to come to terms with it. Everything was quiet for five minutes, then I hear my little one’s concerned voice, “Is Mommy dead?”. The elder one laughed out loud, “No.. She is not dead. She is just sleeping.” Few minutes later, the little one says again, “Let me go and see if she is dead now”. You see.. the child has never seen the mom sleep when he is awake which makes him very concerned about the wellbeing of mom.Touched by his genuine concern I decided that the rest was enough and emerged out of the room. “Mommy, you are not dead.” exclaimed the little one happily. “The whole house was very quiet and eery if your voice was not heard” said the elder one. That excuse was enough for all of us to step out of the house for some fresh air.

Laughter is known as the best remedy for any ailment. Listening to the nonstop chatter between the kids is an assured way of chasing any kind of problem out of our system. The little one who is known for his keen observance, commented that one of the boys in his friends circle named “Nitin” should actually be renamed as “Nifat” since he is not thin. I reminded him that we should not hurt others feelings like that. But the conversation continued.

Just then a pregnant lady happened to cross the road. “Did you come from Grandma’s tummy just like how I came from your tummy?” asked the curious little one. I agreed while feeling proud about his increasing worldly wisdom. “You were able to fit in because her tummy is very big” came another profound statement from the little one.

When I was looking for a change of topic, the elder one suddenly said that she is going to become a doctor after growing up. “That’s nice. What about you?” I asked the little one. “If she is becoming a Doctor, I will become her nurse” replied the little one with so much innocence and zero ego leaving everyone in splits.

After the laughter subsided, “See.. now he will come in his undies” said the little one out of the blue. “What?” asked the elder one curiously at the mention of the word “Undies”. “Ranveer Singh.. in this song” bringing our attention to the song being played in the Radio. “Oh yeah.. Do you remember the colour of the undies” asked the elder one wanting to quiz his Bollywood knowledge. “I know. It is Red” came a very quick reply. Impressed by his memory, the elder one proceeded to the next question, “What will be there on the Undies?”. “Oohhh, oohhh.. A bunny” came the instant reply. “It is called a Playboy bunny.” corrected the elder one who was wanting to make the little brother more knowledgeable. With an inquisitive look, I shifted my focus to the elder one and asked “What is a playboy?” The know it all Preteen responded “I am familiar only with the logo. It must be some kind of video game like Game boy. Is it not?” I tried my best to sound very cool and said that she guessed it right, then changed the subject by asking the little one, “Who will come for this song?” “Salman Khan in black undies” screamed the little one. Seriously??
There is never a dull moment when the new age children around. 
“Believe in the Magical Power of Laughter!!”


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