Mighty Mom on a Mission

Lately, not only am I being complimented for my toned arms, but people are also curious to know my secret exercise or yoga routine, if any. Since most of them know me well enough that I cannot afford to take out too much time away from the daily grind, they automatically assume that it has to be an easy and quick spot fix. Well.. they are right. It is not something I planned but it just happened and slender arms are one of the perks. Every evening, come what may, I charge up and finish a set match using my favourite gear probably owned by most city dwellers – The Mosquito Racquet.

In Hindu mythology, the Gods are associated with some signature weapons – Shiva and Trishul,  Vishnu and Srichakra etc. In the same way, this modern day mommy is always equipped with a mosquito racquet to zap the buzzing pests and to safeguard her family against illnesses like malaria, dengue, chikungunya etc. Besides these health risks, the mosquitoes are also a huge nuisance for all the outdoor activities especially in summer when the children want to play outside. Come to think of it, the government might as well officially declare Mosquito as our National Bug. Jokes apart, living in the developing suburban areas amidst lush greenery and water bodies may look dreamy in glossy advertisements, but in real life, we are waging an everyday battle with a battalion of mosquitoes. 

Picture this. Dusk time at Sassy Mommy’s Residence – The lights gets switched on. The main door opens slightly as I emerge holding a buzzing mosquito racquet on one hand and a smoking coil on the other hand that gets placed on the outside steps. Then with movements as swift as a Ninja, I attack the mosquitoes waiting to quench their thirst with equal fury before stepping inside. I proceed to scan every nook and corner of all the rooms and zapping those which come in contact. Led by some smart leaders, these mosquitoes have taken us hostage inside our very own home. “If only I could catchhold of the detailed execution plan that they are using to raid us” – wishes my mind.  

I apply Odomos liberally on the hands and legs of my children and make them wear a wrist band which is supposed to keep these pesky monsters at bay. There is atleast one electrical mosquito repellent in active mode wherever possible. I get reminded of a home remedy which I saw online recently and decide to try it. I cut a lemon into two halves, insert cloves inside and place it in the centre of the room. The aromatic scent aside, this strangely looks as if I am doing a Voodoo against the mosquitoes. 

Chemical Fogging to control mosquitoes is done twice a week in the common areas of our community which somehow seem to make them vicious afterwards. Even though, the home is protected like a fortress where all the windows have aluminium mesh screen, the exits and entrance have plants like citronella, marigolds etc that are supposed to be effective in keeping mosquitoes away – the breeding of mosquitoes continue. Am I being obsessive?? May be to some extent,  but these extreme measures are needed as the children develop multiple allergic spots after the mosquito bites.

As far as I am concerned, I am a Mom on a mission to eradicate mosquitoes from our abode and I am unstoppable.

“Do not use a Canon to kill a Mosquito.. Get something Bigger 😃😃”


2 responses to “Mighty Mom on a Mission

  1. That’s a war declared & I’m sure more mighty mums will join your league! For us, we use a combination of mosquito nets, organic incense sticks, 2 the best liquidators available in the market and doors and windows kept closed to keep these intruders away! It works most of the days. When it doesn’t we spend some time cursing the authorities!

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