Bloopers from the File of a Gadget Geek

Gone are the days when technology was used to connect people, simplify life and reduce exertion of any sort. The 4G era is not only trapping us in an invisible cyber web which saps our energy, but also drives us close to being called crazy because of the many embarrassing mistakes and situations we get ourselves into. Laugh out loud as I open the Bloopers file from my everyday life caused by the over usage of gadgets.

1. At the library flipping thru a magazine, when an interesting picture catches my attention I double click to see it better. It takes a while for my brain to register that I am not reading an e-book. Instead of closing the book, again my hand automatically tries to reach the Power button on the top right corner.

2. With million things on my mind, bags on one hand, keys on the other, I search for my phone frantically before leaving home to drop my children at school. “Where is it gone? Did you see it anywhere?” I ask my little one, who points at my ears to say “Mummy, You are talking to daddy.” That’s right.. I was on a call with my husband while trying to locate the exact phone elsewhere.

3. Driving is when I catch up with my family without disturbance as the cellphone lets us continue the conversation on the move. Discussing some serious topic assuming that the husband is listening silently as usual, realisation comes much later that I am on bluetooth and the phone is at home.

4. How many gadgets are needed for completing one call? You are very wrong if you say one on each side. Signal strength is a little weak at my place, so I like to do FaceTime. Whereas, the person most frequently contacted by me has a slow speed internet. As crazy as it sounds, we call each other on cellphone and do a FaceTime call in the iPad at the same time so that the message is conveyed inspite of our connection problems.

5. What do we do when the phone rings in the middle of our favourite tv sitcom? Reduce the TV volume and answer the call. Only it doesn’t work if you use the cordless phone instrument for reducing the TV volume and the remote control for answering the phone. It happens, right??

6. Isn’t it sweet when the helpful little one answers the incoming call and brings the phone to us when we are in our room. The only catch is that it may be a video call while we are getting dressed.

7.  Many times, unwittingly we may send a friend request to someone we despise, from the list of people we may know according to FB. Only to find out this blunder later when we get a notification that our request is accepted sending us into a frenzy.

Trust me. A person needs a desperate break from the self imposed tech prison if he tries to unlock the main door of the house by showing the ID card.

It is never too late to Untangle yourself from the invisible cords of your gadgets. I am gonna try it as soon as I finish making some important calls 😀😀


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