Inquisitive Missiles 

Alpha Kids are the Powerhouse of never ending questions. Being attacked by the Inquisitive missiles of the new preschooler when we are in the open and completely unarmed / unprepared is something every mom can relate to. The kids ability to express themselves loudly and clearly may be a boon, but at times a bane for the parents who have to deal with many “face palm” moments in their everyday lives. 

The day begins and ends with hundreds of “whys”, “whats”, “hows” and many other embarrassing statements of our newly expressive and vocal children. Often the targeted adults find the phenomenal wonderings of the little curious minds too much to handle.

1. Stranger Alert

We have taught them to be safe, but didn’t expect the junior to scream “Stranger, stranger. I think she wants to steal me” when an admiring fellow shopper smiles at the little one.

2. Protection against Pollution

It has become a common practice for the city women to cover their face completely while waiting at the bus stops as a way of protection against pollution. Who could guess that the little one will blurt aloud, “Let’s go fast.. Lot of thieves are standing here.”

3. Aim High

This sound piece of advice to aim high – literally and metaphorically is something all the moms have been giving their boys. While coming out after using the urinals in the men’s toilet, the little boy ponders out loud “Do the girls go both pee pee and poo poo from their bums?”

4. Bigger = louder

The prize winning thought for the day is whether the farts will be louder if a person is fat and is it possible to reduce the volume.

5. Lingerie

Any possible explanation for “Why moms inner wears are smaller even though their chests are bigger?”

6. Fashionista

A cool girl in a trendy haute couture costume passes by us who definitely would have heard the clear audible statement by the junior, “Look.. that Aunty forgot to wear her shirt.”

7. Relationships

Two people of opposite genders hanging out together, whether committed or otherwise have to be ready to face the inevitable question from the little one – “Are you both mom and dad?”

8. Older parents

Nothing misses the keen observing eyes of the little one who casually remarks, “If he is really the dad, then why does he look like a grandpa?”

9. Age just a number

The visiting elderly people need to disclose their age – after which the amazed junior might exclaim, “Really?? That means you will die soon?” 

10. Time capsule

The Parents’ promise of buying a favourite toy the next day, the little one asks the store associate at the mall, “Excuse me Sir, Is today the Tomorrow?” That is extremely philosophical. Won’t you agree?

Equip yourself with matter-of-fact replies, simple explanations and some creative distractions to help you deal with such scenarios. We may also be required to overcome the momentary embarrassment and develop an almost Zen like “calm and composed” attitude when such inevitable conversations happen where the spotlight gets turned on our family. As parents, it is our responsibility not to snub the curiosity of the growing minds, but to continuously expose them to vibrant atmosphere which will feed them the required brain fodder while keeping the inquisitive spark alive.

May God grant you the ability to find appropriate responses to the intense questioning of your Alpha children today and tomorrow.


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