Faithfully Yours

If someone asks “Are you a believer?” I would say I definitely am, but in a non conformist kind of way. To strengthen the Belief, people including me throng to the Holy shrines very regularly when we are struggling through a dark phase in life in the hope to catch a glimpse of illumination that will soon brighten our path. Let us explore a little deeper, but in simpler technological terms which we millennials understand.

Advanced Information Network

“Good food, Clean Air, Safe Shelter and Unlimited high speed Internet connection” – may very well be the new age definition of Heaven. Similarly since the beginning of Times, along with the essential needs of survival – staying connected to a superior information source aka GOD has helped us in the path of evolution. As an integral part of the most advanced network called “The Universe”, establishing connection using a Supreme WiFi is much needed to access this knowledge bank.

Switch on the WiFi

What’s the point in having a smart phone and high speed internet connection, if we don’t turn on the WiFi / Modem? Visiting temples and holy shrines without devotion will have the same effect. Devotion is the power button located on the Modem which enables us to get connected to God. With devotion, we can find God within ourselves – providing insights and guiding us in our desired direction.

Not without the Password

Religions can be seen as the multiple WiFi connections available that gives us the opportunity to connect with the Supreme omnipresent God provided we know the password to that network which is “Faith”. Faith with devotion will help us see God in an idol.

Temples – the WiFi extenders

Ancient temples with their rich history and marvellous architecture act as hotspots with enhanced signal strength that allows us to access the supreme network where all our quests are answered. The dark inner sanctum of the beautifully adorned idol along with the luminous lamps, the ringing bells and the almost hypnotic hymns give us a surreal out of the world experience. This silences the external noise while amplifying our inner conscience which is the voice of God.


There comes a time in our life when we sense a certain void and disconnect from amidst the happenings around us. During such dreaded moments of despair, instilling positive beliefs and restoring faith are perhaps the two foremost constructive outcomes we are expected to achieve. But one may wonder how to communicate with the Almighty and receive his response? The answer is – By Listening to the inner conscience also known as the “Divine Intelligence” which inspires our thoughts, our words and eventually our action. When the solution to the problems suddenly hits us like a bolt of lightning, understand that it is God talking to us.

Device Maintenance

Monitoring our thoughts help in improved performance, as it is only natural that like the software system, our mind sometimes gets attacked by some malware which damages the inner programming. Akin to Uninstalling the problematic application and Restarting the system for robust performance – we have to purge our disbelief and renew our faith for better compatibility of the updated version of ourselves with the infinite source of wisdom.

In conclusion, Expand your awareness of the Universe, Tune into the infinite knowledge and Hear the voice of God!! In simpler social media terms – Keep God as a “Friend” in your Friendlist, Follow God and Chat with him regularly.

“Seek and You shall Find.”


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