Banishing the Birthday Blues


Just a week ahead of my birthday, I stop to think whether it has been an year already. As any woman in her late 30s, I am petrified of Aging. Some might say it is just the regular Birthday blues, but this year it is different. If 40 is considered as the Summit of the human lifecycle, I will be on a very difficult uphill climb this year. I am reminded of all the things that I wanted to do before wrapping up another decade of my life and whether the next one year will be sufficient to make it happen. How soon the time flies, especially when it is on the “Autopilot” mode?

How do you differentiate one day from the other if you do the same thing everyday? Typically, all of us have a daily routine that we adhere to even without the aid of a clock. Mine goes something like this.

1. Wake up as the first ray of sunlight through the window caress my face, reminding me each day that I should have bought a thicker set of curtains.

2. Entry of the maid tells me that I have to start the cooking immediately.

3. School buses plying up and down the road indicates that it is time for breakfast.

4. Elder kid leaving for school prompts me to pack the lunch for husband who will leave for work soon after.

5. Glance at the newspaper, check whatsapp, Facebook etc.

6. Bath time for the little one after which we play for sometime working up an appetite.

7. “Open, Chew, Swallow..” Repeat these instructions for close to an hour while feeding Lunch to my little one.

8. The much awaited time of the day – Little one’s Nap Time

9. The elder kid returns back home which is followed by snacks, homework, studies and play time.

10. Dinner preparation, awaiting the arrival of husband from work, family meal and Bed time.

Weekends are not much different, except maybe for some evening outings. Hence, at any point of the year, the same routine that we follow makes it impossible to say if we have made any progress whatsoever.

Comfort being the only significant factor for leading our life on Autopilot. We can live with this safe set up for a smooth and hassle free journey, but it is advisable to disengage the Autopilot and start living more consciously to get the fullest worldly experience. Change is refreshing which helps us break the monotony of the dull everyday routine. Adding more colourful moments to our life also makes us feel alive and vibrant.

Making a list of things to be completed / achieved and checking off the items as we reach them will not only make us happy, but also gives us the satisfaction of living our life on our terms. Just knowing that we are working towards our goal will give an immense sense of pride and happiness that will not be attained by any other means. If Life is what happens to us when we are busy making other plans, enjoying each day as it comes will be the next best bet.

With that enlightened thought, I have decided to celebrate my 39 years of journey in this planet as I inch towards the Summit to get the best possible wholesome view of life from the top. Here is looking forward to a great year ahead!! See you from the Top!!

(Photo Courtesy – Internet)


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